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All you need is (he)art
Hello globetrotter, welcome to my blog!

I love hugs, tea and drawing Disney.

This is a blog about my biggest passions: Disney, Harry Potter, OUAT, Mary Poppins. (SUBMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSED DUED TO EXAMS)!


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"A lot of people say that Ariel was the worst Disney Princess to make a mother out of (in her sequel), but if you ask me, she’s one of the best. We get to see her transformation from a young, naive teenage girl to a responsible, mature, concerned adult. She’s still the same Ariel though, still fun and passionate. Just grown up."

I don’t like much grown up Ariel (the same with Simba). She was used to be a rebel teenage, because she wanted so much to stay among humans, she was completly fascinanted by humans. And she had bad times because of Triton’s.Despite as a mother she’s still funny and caring, I don’t like the fact she keep her daughter away from the Ocean. It’s basically the same thing her father did with her.Just my personal opinion ^_^