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Hello globetrotter, welcome to my blog!

I love hugs, tea and drawing Disney.

This is a blog about my biggest passions: Disney, Harry Potter, OUAT, Mary Poppins.

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Helloo, If it’s not too much trouble I was wondering what my Disney look-alike, and personality match would be. :)


 What is your name? Emily
• How old are you? 17
• Where are you from? Minnesota
• What is your favourite season? Autumn
• And how about your favourite colour? Sky Blue
• Tell me 3 things you like about yourself. I’m pretty smart, pretty funny and very caring.
• And now 3 things you don’t like. Sometimes I think/care too much. I’m TERRIFIED of rejection and I doubt myself too much.
• What is your dreamjob? Photojournalist for National Geographic
• Who would be your Disney bestfriend? Sven the Reindeer
• What does fear you? Loneliness
• What does give you courage? Love of others
• Pick a special power you wish to have. Teleportation
• What is your dream? To see the world and to be happy :)

No trouble indeed, doll :) I just need some relax after having eaten so much chocolate. Here we go! Well, i really have to say that generally, including your position, you suddenly reminded me of our favourite pixie, Tinkerbell :D I guess it must be also the green of your shirt. Anyway you really seem a tinker too! Unfortunatly, i can’t clearly see your eyes, but i guess a good hint for you must be Lottie from Princess and the Frog. You have the same big cheery smile, bright rose skin tone and hair colour, and i guess even the face shape :)

As for the personality match, you make me think about Belle for some reasons. She’s very smart and absolutely caring. Personally i think she’s one of the most resourceful Disney girl and just like you she wants to see the world and have great adventures in the wildwhere! And honestly, i’ve though who might have been a great photographer and there were really many princesses or girls who could have done that. But Belle was able to see the beauty were there was not, so i end up thinking she is the best choice for you. I think she could have a critical, yet creative, spirit and eye.
Moreover, i also think you could match well with Meg and especially Elsa personalities in terms of your most intimate part. Just as her, you sometimes risk to focus too much on something, loosing sight of important things. Plus, you’re afraid of rejection and to be alone and this really is something that belongs to Elsa. She was also afraid to be alone forever, but at the same time she was in the condition to be also afraid of being rejected if only she’d have shown her truest emotions. But, thanks to the love of others like Anna, she thawes herself too. I’m sure Sven would help sooo much, he’s so communicative and don’t forget he loves carrots! Don’t be afraid, i believe you’ll leran to let it go <3 
Thank you for asking my opinion! Happy Easter day, love! Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day! :D