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All you need is (he)art
Hello globetrotter, welcome to my blog!

I love hugs, tea and drawing Disney.

This is a blog about my biggest passions: Disney, Harry Potter, OUAT, Mary Poppins. (CLOSED but you can send me a message if you want it so i'll note you when they'll be opened again: Submit for a look alike or personality match)!


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Hello from Egypt!
Abibi to ya all!
Have some fun!! :)

Thank you so much, honey!

Hello guys,
I’m going on a two weeks holiday in Egypt so i won’t be able to be as active as previously.I’m awfully sorry for those people whose submission has not bee finished yet. I hoped to finished them before the departure, but i couldn’t so i’m asking you a little more of patience. If you will freak out, i’ll understand too. Again, i apologize <3Thank you for all the birthday wishes <3 You are the best, i love you!
junesflowers sent: Happy birthday darling!!! You're awesome:) happy happy birthday!!! So beautiful girly:)))) the big 24!!! You're pretty awesome!

Thank you doll of mine <3 
I’ve received so many bday wishes yesterday that you all have made my day <3 <3 <3 

peter-pan-lost-girl sent: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARY 💕🎂

Thanks dear! 24 years on 24th July ehehe <3





as a kid i never understood why they didn’t like him

As an adult I still don’t understand..

psst it’s a brothel and he’s poor 

once-upon-a-penguin sent: Oh my goodness, is it your birthday today!? :D Well, Happy Birthday dear!!! I hope you've had a magical day full of all of your very favorite things, and that you have a marvelous year to come. <3 You and your blog always make me so happy--it's lovely people like you that make Tumblr such a great place! *reaches through time and space to give birthday hugs*

Oh, how lovely! I love birthday hugs and hugs in general! I could define myself as a professional hugger!
Thank you so so so much honey for this lovely message, i truly appreciate it and i have no words! And if i would, my iPhone autocorrection in italian would surely change it into something weird 💛💛💛
You are so caring! Come here *hugs back*

halalau sent: Tanti auguri, Camy! :D Have an even more magical day today, and may happiness stays with you for a long, long time! Much love from Indonesia xx

Thank you love! Your submissions is the next One :3 thank you sweetheart, lots of love from Italia! 💛💛💛

Thank you, Ariel! I&#8217;m so excited a princess like you wishes me happy birthday!
You deserve happiness❤️
Thank you!!

Ok, I try… But I’m very stupid to use tumblr!!  Well, it’s your favourite princess for you, a little surprise for my best friend!  Happy Bday Camy! 💜 I love you

My baby❤️❤️❤️ thank you my friend, from the deepest of my heart! You are One of the best things that i have ever met in my life and i&#8217;m so happy you are part of it! You are precious and caring i do love when People take their Time and efforts for someone else&#8230; I love your drawing, thank you so much! I love Ariel too, hahah, but of course you knew that!! Love you that much!! You are my little Merida!